House-sharing, the smart investment

Negligent tenants, a tight market, conflict management…

Do you think that investing in property in Belgium is too risky? Well then, go for a house-sharing arrangement with IKOAB.

Why house share

Contribute to the sharing economy, get the maximum possible income from your rent and help us to build the future of shared housing, stress free and in a completely safe environment.

House-sharing is a new generation system for living together that is very much in fashion with the young working population. By mixing ease of use and flexibility, these fully equipped shared homes meet the needs of all those who are hoping for a simpler everyday life, without having to compromise on quality. A high-end alternative to traditional house sharing, and it appeals thanks to its many benefits:

  • Renovated housing
  • Sought-after districts
  • Reasonably priced
  • Community and privacy
  • Flexible contracts

You can trust us

The market leader, IKOAB is at your side developing real estate projects with you and for you in the house-sharing segment in Belgium.

IKOAB is the pioneer in the development and management of real estate investment projects for house-sharing purposes in Belgium. Active since 2015, our experience, skills and commitment guarantee you a secure and profitable investment.

What are the benefits for you?

A turnkey service

Our multi-disciplinary team manages each project from start to finish, including: the financial research and analysis of property adapted to co-living, renovation and furnishing, rental management and maintenance.

Constitution of property assets

IKOAB guarantees a higher net return than classic rental property. The profitability of each project is assured and defined beforehand in the rental management contract.

A zero risk property investment

Our track record shows that there are now almost no vacant rental properties. This type of rental is very much in demand and rental turnover is therefore instantaneous. Thanks to an upstream tenant selection service and a responsive maintenance department, damage to the rented property will now be virtually non-existent.

Constitution of property assets

By contrast to the shares and bonds issued by property investment funds, with IKOAB your investment is one hundred per cent secure. You alone will be the owner of your property and will benefit from the added value that will be applied to it.

Your investor space

You can always keep an eye on your property thanks to the intuitive spreadsheet that gives you access to all the information you need:

  • The files of the current tenants on your property
  • The archives showing the tenants who lived there previously
  • History of all invoices
  • Information regarding payments
  • Any maintenance issues
67Houses for rent
547Rooms for rent
13Projects currently undergoing renovation works
12Rooms soon to be available
In a few figures

Ready to join our network of investors?

Our aim is to develop pleasant housing for the world, the cities and the young adults of today and tomorrow.

Our relationships with our investors are founded on trust and transparency, values that we also apply with our tenants. Does the idea of investing in Belgium’s finest network of shared housing appeal to you? You won't regret it.