• So that no one needs to feel like a third wheel, we accept a maximum of one couple per house

    Use the ”couple” filter to see our availability.

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  • Sorry, but we do not accept any furry, feathered or scaled animals within our houses. And no Sphinxes either, nice try.

  • Before moving in, you sign a co-tenancy agreement. It stipulates that you must tell your housemates first if you want to invite friends over. However, your friends are allowed to become their friends, as long as the new friends are nice and their presence does not disturb life in the community and everyone’s privacy.

    A minimum education. Your friends, romantic interests and lovers may not sleep in your room more than 7 days a month (whether consecutive or otherwise) nor may they squat on the premises all day and night, or the assistance department will activate the ultra high tech ejector mattress.

  • It’s not that you can, you MUST. All tenants are legally obliged to declare their actual residential address. It’s the law. Come on now, you’ve cut the umbilical cord, Mummy was fed up of having to sort all your mail for you anyway. Go to the municipality with your biggest smile, your identity papers and your contract (a copy is provided in your user space).

  • Maintenance problems include all problems linked to equipment, furniture or the general condition of the house (heating, electricity, water, internet, lights, etc.).

    If you have any problems, it’s no use calling your parents or your mate who’s a psychic. Instead you should go to your user space and select the tab “Report an issue”. Describe the precise nature of the problem and possibly also provide photos. Once you have reported your problem, the team will respond to your request as quickly as possible. You will be notified of any intervention appointment and you must check afterwards whether the problem has been adequately resolved.

  • The magnificent IKOAB homes are located in urban districts that are in high demand, lively and pleasant. Regardless of your choice, you will always be near public transport, shops and cool places.

  • All our houses and rooms are fully furnished and equipped. Don’t panic, we have done a good job. It has a sober, comfortable and trendy look; there are no sofa beds or kitsch wallpaper.

    Each room has a double bed, linen (duvet, pillows, a set of bed sheets), a bedside table, desk, office chair, wardrobe or clothes closet, shelf space or a commode, luminaire lighting and blinds or drapes. Some rooms also have armchairs and little occasional tables.

  • Apart from your housemates’ bedrooms, the rest of the house is your domain. Communal spaces include the kitchen, dining room, lounge and laundry room. Some houses even have a garden and/or a terrace. The kitchens are equipped fitted with oven, hobs or gas burners, microwaves, fridge, a freezer, toaster, coffee machine and storage cupboards.

  • Most of our houses do not have a garage or a car park (welcome to the city). Avoid issues with your municipality regarding parking in your road or district (some require local resident cards).

  • You are free to personalise your room, within reason (and provided it is in good taste). The most important thing is that you feel at home. On one condition: your aspirations as a decorator do NOT damage the walls, flooring and other surface coverings. Remember that when you leave your room you must return it in an identical condition to that in which you found it.

  • In principle, you don’t need to, since all the rooms are rented fully furnished. That is really the concept here: arrive and move in without really needing to move anything in. We therefore prefer that you not bring your own furniture.

  • Step 1: Create your profile

    First you need to create an account on the IKOAB site. Once you have done that, you can favourite the rooms that catch your eye.

    Step 2: Validation of your profile

    Following your registration, a member of our team will call you to validate your profile, learn your craziest wishes and direct you to the rooms and houses that are the best match for you. You will then be able to visit these rooms virtually or to book a time slot in our online schedule to arrange a visit in person, just like the old days.

    Step 3: Choice of room and reservation request

    Once you have made your choice, select the desired housing unit by clicking on the “Rent” tab.

    Remember that we need several pieces of data/required personal documentation in order to draw up the lease contract. This information will not be used by IKOAB under any circumstances as criteria for discrimination.

    Step 4. Paperwork and signature of the lease

    We invite you to read through the legal documents concerning the lease and to sign them using the DocuSign electronic signature system (which has the same legal value as a handwritten signature):

    • Lease of a shared housing unit
    • Loan agreement – free of charge – for furniture (free use loan)

    Step 5. Payment

    IKOAB asks you to make a down payment (equivalent to the first month of the rental deposit). This payment must be made within the 48 hours following the reservation, by bank transfer to the landlord’s account (their contact details are provided in the contract). Important: once this period has ended, your reservation will automatically be cancelled. Proof of payment is sufficient to validate the reservation of your room.

    Step 6. Reservation confirmation

    You will receive an email to confirm your reservation, sent to the email address you provided to us, at the latest 7 calendar days following the reservation. IKOAB reserves the right to refuse a reservation, in particular if the housing unit is not available or if your data prove to be incomplete or incorrect. Naturally we will notify you of any such refusal and explain the reasons behind it.

    And there you have it, welcome to IKOAB!

  • Current tenants can extend their contract up to 3 months before the expiry of their lease. The rooms may not therefore be rented out if the current tenant has yet to decide whether they want to extend their stay. That is in essence the flexibility and security of IKOAB.

  • The all-inclusive price shown in the description refers to the rent covered by the shared lease agreement, which is not enforceable against the landlord, and the charge for utilities. The charges include water, electricity, heating, internet, television, maintenance of the terraces twice a year, pruning of trees/shrubs/hedges at least twice a year, mowing of the garden every month in summer, maintenance of the boiler, maintenance of the water softener, maintenance of the fire system and code door once a year, a fire, water damage and related perils insurance policy in the owner's name, as well as weekly cleaning of communal areas and cleaning of private areas every fortnight.

    All expenses not included in this list are to be paid by the tenants.

  • The rental deposit is 2 months’ rent without utilities, irrespective of length of stay. The indicated rent €550 a month? In that case the rental deposit will be €1100. The first month of the rental deposit, i.e. €550, must be paid as a down payment when you make your reservation. The second month of the rental deposit must be paid before your contract's start date.

  • No, it’s free of charge: IKOAB does not charge any reservation costs or file handling fees. You only need to pay any possible bank transfer charges or exchange rate costs between countries if you have a foreign bank account.

  • The rent must be paid to the landlord’s bank account on the 8th of the month at the latest.

  • Our contracts are flexible. The minimum rental period is 6 months for our accommodation in the Walloon Region and 1 year for our accommodation in the Brussels Region. The maximum duration is 3 years, terminable after a mandatory notice period of 3 months in the Walloon Region and of 2 month in the Brussels Region.

  • A room can never be booked for less than 6 months in the Walloon Region and 1 year in the Brussels Region. You are free to choose the initial duration of the rental, as long as it does not exceed 3 years. You are free to leave whenever you wish as long as you respect the minimum stay as well as a mandatory notice period of 3 months in the Walloon Region and of 2 month in the Brussels Region.

  • We are not the CIA! These details are simply essential for the drawing up of the lease contract. They guarantee a certain level of security, both for the landlord and for you.

  • Of course. The landlord of the IKOAB house has already taken out an insurance policy for fire, flooding and associated risks. To avoid multiple different companies, the landlord’s insurer waives the right to take any legal action against the tenants. You must yourself take out a civil liability insurance policy covering compensation to third parties. This is to avoid any injured third parties not being able to obtain compensation. NB: this insurance policy does not cover theft and your personal property. If you wish, you must take out a policy of that type yourself.

  • You can change house, provided that you comply with the notice period duration and the conditions of your contract.

  • You are entitled to extend your contract (yippie!) so long as the total length of your stay does not exceed 3 years. It will do you some good to get a change of air at some point.

  • Of course – IKOAB is perfectly aware that life is full of unexpected events. If you have to leave before the minimum rental period, you must find someone to take over your room.

  • Hey, of course you can’t, that is forbidden!

  • That would be a shame, but it happens. The spark between people who have never met does not always come, or random factors in life might require you to be elsewhere. Contact the IKOAB team and let us help you find a solution.