In this section you will find all information regarding IKOAB services.


We accept one couple per house (maximum), provided that a room with a private bathroom is booked. Out of respect for the privacy of other residents, couples are not permitted to reserve rooms with a shared bathroom.

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No, animals are not permitted in our houses.

None of our houses has a garage or parking area. Residents can park in public areas specially designated for parking. Certain houses are located in zones which require a residents' parking permit. We advise our members to contact the relevant municipality for more information about this.

As indicated in our co-living charter, residents are required to inform their housemates if they wish to invite friends. Of course, the company of these friends should not create a disturbance to the life of the community within the house. Your friends cannot live in your room and cannot stay for more than 7 days per month (whether consecutively or not).

IKOAB offers tenants the opportunity to take up residence. If needed, go to your user space for a copy of your contract.

your reservation

Rooms can be booked on this site by following several steps:

A.The tenant identifies him/herself on the IKOAB site

The first step is to create your profile on the IKOAB website. You will then have the opportunity to add rooms to your favourites and reserve a room directly online.

B.Select your chosen accommodation by clicking on the tab "Rent".

To book a room, the following information must be provided: your contact details, occupation, date of birth, nationality and passport number or identity card. This information is required in order to secure your accommodation and draw up the lease agreement. It will not, under any circumstances, be used by IKOAB as criteria for refusing a tenant application.

Accommodation can never be booked for less than six (6) months. The Tenant is free to choose the initial duration of the rent, as long as it does not exceed three (3) years.

C.The tenant is then asked to read the legal documents pertaining to the lease:

  • The rental contract ("Hosting contract for shared housing")
  • The charter of house-sharing ("Charter of shared housing")
  • Incoming inventory of fixtures

The incoming inventory of fixtures is prepared by IKOAB. The tenant acknowledges receipt of the inventory which describes the condition of the private and shared spaces. You then have 15 days from your moving-in date to make any amendments to it. After this deadline, the inventory of fixtures is considered to be definitive and accepted by all parties.

The tenant is asked to acknowledge agreement by signing the relevant documents via the electronic signature system, DocuSign. The electronic signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

You will be able to consult and download your documents in your user space at any time by clicking on the tab "My tenancies".


After checking the accuracy of your personal data one last time, we will ask you to make an advance payment equivalent to one month of the security deposit in order to secure your booking.

In principle, this payment is made immediately and fully at the time of booking. IKOAB accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

The tenant may also choose to pay by direct bank transfer to the landlord's bank account, details of which are included in the contract. Payment must be made within 48 hours of the reservation being confirmed. A valid proof of payment will suffice. If the payment is not made by this deadline, the reservation is automatically cancelled by IKOAB


The reservation will be confirmed by email as soon as possible, within seven calendar days of the reservation being made. Confirmation will be sent to the email address given by the tenant at the time of booking. IKOAB reserves the right to refuse to accept a reservation, particularly if the accommodation is not available or if the personal data given by the applicant proves to be incomplete or inaccurate. IKOAB undertakes to inform the tenant of refusal and explain the reason why.

Actual tenants have the possibility to extend their contract up to 4 months before the end of their stay. Rooms can therefore not be rented until the actual tenant has not decided whether he or she wants to stay longer.

The price shown in the description is the amount of rent only and does not include utilities. The utilities are shown separately. These include water charges, electricity, heating, internet, and television, as well as the weekly cleaning of shared spaces and bedrooms.

The security deposit is equal to two months' rent without utilities, no matter how long you stay. Example: the rent displayed is 550€ per month, the total security deposit is therefore 1100€. The first month of the security depsoit, that is to say 550€, must be paid at the time of booking. The second month of the security deposit should be paid before the day you move in. 

IKOAB does not charge any fees. The only fees tenants have to pay are the ones charged by the online payment platform

Because this personal data is essential for drawing up the rental contract, assuring a degree of security for both parties.

03.About our

All of our houses are located in interesting areas, close to public transport. We make sure that houses are always easy to get to, with enough shopping facilities nearby.

All our houses and rooms are fully furnished and equipped. Every bedroom has a double bed, bedding (duvet, pillows, a pair of bed sheets), a bedside table, a desk, a desk chair, wardrobe or hanging rail, storage space such as shelves or chest of drawers, lamps and blinds or hangings. Some bedrooms also have armchairs and small side tables.

The communal spaces include the kitchen, dining room, lounge and laundry room. Some houses even have a garden and/or terrace. Kitchens are fully equipped with an oven, gas or electric hobs, microwaves, a fridge, freezer, toaster, coffee machine and cupboards.

Tenants are free to change house provided that they respect the notice periods and provisions of their contract.

You are free to personalise your room, so long as you do not damage the walls, floors or other surfaces.

In principle, you won't need to, all rooms are completely furnished. Therefore, we would rather you didn't bring your own furniture.

your stay

You can extend your contract as many times as you wish, provided that the total length of stay does not exceed three years.

Yes, provided that your respect your 3 months prior notice

Maintenance problems include all problems linked to equipment, furniture or the general condition of the house (heating, electricity, water, internet, lights…).

Visit your user space and click on "Report a problem". We'll ask you to describe the problem precisely and eventually provide photos. Once we've been notified of the problem, we'll reply to your request within 48 hours. We'll let you know about any work to be carried out on the house and we'll ask you to check that the problem has been properly dealt with.

Rent is due on the 1st day of the month. It should be paid by bank transfer to the landlord's account.

IKOAB houses are all insured against fire hazard, natural disasters and glass breakage. However, this insurance does not include theft and does not cover personal belongings.

If you don't feel happy in your house, there's no need to worry. Simply contact the IKOAB team and we'll help you to find a solution.


Co-living is an increasingly popular way of life among young active people. This is a new kind of concept focused on offering quality house shares in large cities where it is sometimes difficult to find decent accommodation. It's not only an "all-in" alternative to student accommodation but also a way of living that brings together people who share a sense of community, without compromising the need for privacy.

Co-living is mainly intended for active young people from all backgrounds looking for short-, medium- or long-term accommodation. The majority of our tenants are between 20 and 35 years old but we do not exclude anyone who embraces the values of sharing and conviviality.