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  • Hello LIFE! For the same rent as a shabby mezzanine, you lead the life you deserve in a modern, magnificently renovated house in a prime location.

    Already furnished and fully equipped, it will offer you awesome communal spaces and a bedroom just for you (some have the option of a private bathroom).

  • Hello IKOAB assistance team! A friendly, easy-to-reach team who know how to be discreet, but will always be there for you.

    If you have any questions, doubts, problems or breakages… they have an answer to everything and will not con you.

  • Hello flexible lease contracts that are adapted to all your needs! 6 months, 3 years? You choose!

    You sign the lease that suits you, without having to worry about pulling out a magnifying glass to read the small print at the bottom of the page and potential hidden costs. From the start, everything is clear and transparent, in black and white.

  • Hello fun and new friendships! House sharing allows you to avoid a dull everyday life. You can keep your privacy thanks to your private spaces, but fight boredom and depression with housemates not who are not at all invasive.

    Move in and become a VIP member of a vast network of shared houses in Belgium.

  • Hello leasing 2.0! Visit your room online (or visit it IRL if you prefer), reserve it in just a few clicks and put your virtual signature on a flexible lease contract, without having to leave your armchair.

    Now all you need to do is organise actually moving. Welcome to the IKOAB community.

  • Hello simplicity and living the dream! Here you will not receive any payment reminders or discouraging housework schedules on the fridge door.

    IKOAB manages your bills (included in the charges) and a full clean of the rooms is provided every week. If you have the slightest concern, contact us via your user space.

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      1Choose your district
      2Visit our rooms (online or IRL)
      3Reserve and sign your lease contract online
      4Move in and live your best life
      Who said it was complicated?

      House-sharing is a smart investment

      Think of tomorrow: invest in a growing market and benefit from the best rental income.

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