You like nature and brandy, and feel connected with several different cultures. To you it is essential to be able to cross borders in the blink of an eye and you are not afraid to brush shoulders with rather… original traditions. Well then, Arlon is a perfect match for you.

You would think you were in the Mediterranean…

Arlon, the thousand-year-old Gallo-Roman city, is located on Belgium’s southern border. It is the chief town of the province of Luxembourg and due to its proximity to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lëtzebuergesch (the Luxembourg language) has left a few traces here. This gives the French spoken here a slightly odd accent and rather guttural intonations, but it has its own unique charm.

In addition, you will find yourself beneath the Belgian Ardennes, which will provide you with plenty of great opportunities for hikes or cycling trips in an environment with preserved wildlife, in winter as in summer. True, it may have far from a Mediterranean climate, but its ultra-northern position is in fact a tremendous asset.

A Mecca for those who cross borders

Its geographical location places Arlon at the exact meeting point between three borders: France, Luxembourg and Germany. Arlon station is therefore a major border-crossing point for Belgians who work in Luxembourg or Metz. Architecturally speaking, the building makes rather an impression and there are trains at all hours.

It is what you would call a “staging city”, a bit like a service station or motel (but nicer too, honest). Lots of expats (around 50% of the active population) live there for shorter or longer periods, as rent is much more affordable. You will also easily be able to find a young expat population, in search of new encounters and a bit more fun. Just like you.

A city of a real size

We won't lie to you: Arlon is not exactly Las Vegas either. There is nothing particularly crazy about its nightlife. A really large number of churches, an archaeology museum, statues more or less everywhere… And yet... Its inhabitants truly wish to firmly put their city on the map.

Several modernisation initiatives have been initiated and thanks to its not-outrageous size, its historical heritage and its folklore traditions, it is truly pleasant to live here.

It may not be Las Vegas, but it’s not exactly the Gobi desert either. As for sport, relaxation and shopping, the city is not lacking and – like every self-respecting town or city – its centre has everything useful you could need, both the gourmet and the desirable, while you will also find large shopping centres in the outskirts. For afterwork events, you have plenty of choice: many pubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and brasseries coexist and provide atmosphere.

Arlon – the unmissable experiences:

  • Visit the Knippchen of the Saint-Donat church (a central hill), where Belvédère tower will offer you a panoramic view over the three countries.
  • Stroll and fill your shopping bag at the organic market held on Friday at Espace Milan.
  • Discover the very best acts on the music scene at Aralunaires, a festival with a very popular programme that offers gigs in historic or atypical venues, such as apartments, cellars and gardens.
  • Try a Maitrank, the Arlon apéritif par excellence. Each bar has its own take on it, but broadly speaking it’s white wine, sugar, plant extracts and a dash of brandy.
  • Once that’s done, celebrate the Maitrank. This extremely popular local fete is held on the penultimate weekend in May and draws a crowd from all over. Its highlight? The Saturday night ball on Place Léopold.
  • And so, drink your Maitrank! The La Table de Marie restaurant offers you its famous dish “poularde au Maitrank”. A true delicacy!
  • As for the restaurants, go straight to Le Chef est une Femme for semi-gastronomic French cuisine using seasonal produce, or Pinocchio for a pizza to die for. Twins is a brasserie that holds blind taste tests and other festivities such as cocktail food parties.

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