You are looking for a village atmosphere, but you don’t want to be isolated. You are an open-minded person, who is (literally and figuratively) thirsty for new local discoveries. Well then, Verviers is a perfect place for you.

A well-located crossroads

The second largest town in the province of Liège, Verviers is located to the east, bordering Les Fagnes and the Ardennes. This position gives it a great many assets in terms of tourism by making it the ideal starting point to visit a number of different countries (it is just thirty kilometres from the German and Dutch borders).

Weaving the social fabric

The town of Verviers was formerly at the heart of the European wool industry. With the Vesdre which passes through it, today it has the title Walloon Water Capital and the town is adorned with many fountains. You will be able to appreciate the gurgling sound of the river when you take a walk on the Quai Pierre Rapsat and Quai Jacques Brel that border it. Yes, we like a bit of French Chanson in Verviers.

Besides this textile and aquatic heritage, Verviers is diverse and multicultural: over 115 nationalities live there (and you can tell from the gastronomic offerings). Communal life is extremely important and the town has moreover made it its mission to forge a pleasant and welcoming living environment, with solidarity between the various communities highly encouraged.

A dynamic centre

Here is a literary anecdote that you can use to show off in the evening: Victor Hugo came through the town in 1839. He wrote this: “Verviers, an otherwise insignificant town, is divided into three districts called Chick-Chack, Basse Crotte and Dardanelle”. Maybe not the best of quotes, it's true, but who cares what some bitter old writer thinks anyway? No one, quite frankly. Whilst it may share a sometimes tarnished reputation, Verviers is resolutely future-oriented and its inhabitants do not want anything to do with the stereotypes.

Place Verte, for example, was recently given a makeover. Now better organised for pedestrians, it is a meeting place, the goal of which is to boost the town centre with a refurbished public space with an emphasis on terraces.

When it comes to shopping and chilling, we should also mention the Crescend’eau shopping centre, Rue du Brou, Crapaurue, Place Verte and Place du Martyr. The city is packed full of nice venues and little shops founded by highly motivated entrepreneurs.

Its cinema, theatre, bars, festival, parks and greenery all around blend in perfectly with the effervescence of the urban centres and the calm of the countryside.

Verviers – the unmissable experiences:

  • Try a famous rice tart (or “li blanke dorêye” in Verviers' Walloon dialect), the Verviers local speciality par excellence.
  • Do your shopping at La Ville dans la Ville, a gallery with fifteen shops and craftsmen and women in a unique setting.
  • Act the music lover at Spirit of 66, a venue for gigs that is well known throughout the country for its rich programme.
  • Have a spell in green surroundings in Parc de Séroule, an oasis of calm, or in Parc de L’Harmonie with a view over its magnificent kiosk.
  • Fill your cupboards at the weekly market on Saturday morning and come and mix with the locals.
  • Walk along the fountain route in Verviers town centre (ideal in the middle of a heat wave).
  • Move to the beat at FiestaCity, a free festival held in the last weekend of August.
  • Choose your afterwork venue from among the many bars (Saint Andrew’s, Gorgées, El Chicco Café, Le Goût du Vin, La boule Rouge and Le Beluga, to name but a few).
  • Get back in touch with your inner child (or gamer) at a game of laser tag, paintball or air soft.
  • Spread out your toes and relax at Entre Vénus et Naïades, the ideal spa in which to relax, whether alone, as a couple or with friends.

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