You are an incorrigible city dweller: staying confined within 4 walls is really not your bag. The hustle and bustle of the city keeps you alive and human contact reassures you (as do gluten-free dishes). Well then, Ixelles is a perfect match for you.

The place to be

Ixelles is a young, cosmopolitan and exciting municipality. From Porte de Namur to the Bois de la Cambre, there are a multitude of places to relax or go out and have a good time. Whether for a drink with mates, an afternoon in the park, an evening of culture, a shopping trip or romantic/gastronomic restaurant, life in Ixelles will meet your needs for emancipation and social ties, whilst staying in contact with many international expats, including many from France. Finding good quality bread, flavourful cheese and natural wine will never be a problem.

More than a student paradise

With the ULB and VUB campuses near the Cemetery, the southern section of Ixelles is clearly the place to be for students. Everything has been designed to make their lives easier: many student housing units, printers, libraries, sports halls, snack bars and festive bars… But this doesn't mean that the streets transform into a free party from 10 p.m.

For those who already have one foot in the professional world, life and the nights are just as pleasant (and peaceful) in the districts that stretch beyond La Toison d’Or, on either side of the highly fashionable Avenue Louise.

Ixelles golden pentagon

The zone marked out by the Place Saint-Boniface, Place Fernand-Coq, Place Flagey, Place Châtelain and Place Stéphanie is the best place to appreciate trendy Ixelles life. These squares are the beating heart of the municipality.

The organic supermarkets and fast food outlets flourish on the footpaths, flanked on either side by crafts shops, fashion and designer stores, night shops, chillax bars, relaxing restaurants and vegan canteens.

A refuge for self-proclaimed nonconformists, young professionals, shopaholics and parents on cargo bikes, these districts are home to a diverse and open population that seeks to benefit from good quality of life whilst remaining firmly anchored in modern urban life.

Central, for fantastic trips away

Geographically, Ixelles is at the centre of the capital. You can cross it using the many tram, bus and metro lines. It is also one of the municipalities where the streets are flooded with alternative modes of transport: electric bicycles, car sharing schemes, scooters and mopeds, etc. One thing is for sure: things move in Ixelles, literally and figuratively.

Ixelles – the unmissable experiences :

  • Sample a maafe and other highly spiced delicacies from the small scale restaurants in the African quarter of Matongé.
  • Go for a jog past the Ixelles ponds (we warn you already, it’s deceptively steep).
  • Take in the sun on the big terrace of the Café Belga, and finish at 3 in the morning.
  • Daydream in front of the luxurious shop windows of the Rue de Namur and Avenue Louise.
  • Come back to the reality of your wallet and return to the more familiar territory of the shopping street at Porte de Namur.
  • Strut your stuff and take a stroll on the highly trendy Place du Châtelain.
  • Go and meet the visiting and native Ixelles customers at the super lively Supra Bailly bar.
  • Get over your hangovers on Saturday morning at the Place Flagey market.
  • Work remotely or have some brunch in one of the many cosy (and instagrammable) cafés.
  • Track down exhibition openings and other exhibitions to see or where you can be seen.
  • Hunker down for a well deserved siesta in the very well hidden Parc Tenbosch.

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