You have a cool lifestyle and love plants and deep discussions. The important thing for you is to be open-minded and open for new experiences. But you also like to have your little habits. Well then, Saint-Gilles is a perfect match for you.

A melting pot of cultures

To the west of Ixelles is Saint-Gilles, the new darling of the capital. The atmosphere in this small central municipality is quite similar (lively squares, profusion of restaurants and bars etc.), only without the “did you see me” element. Cosmopolitan Saint-Gilles has over 130 different nationalities who live together in perfect harmony (well, not quite always, after all we are not a land of Care Bears). Cherished by artists, young hipsters and other players on the alternative and cultural scene, it is a bit like the Belgian Brooklyn, if we can say as much. 

A village spirit right in the middle of the city

The nice thing is that in Saint-Gilles life goes on, both internally and externally.
The municipality is known for its many authentic markets which bring together its inhabitants on the various squares. A sense of proximity which you will appreciate when you arrive in a city. 

Here everyone says hello, calls out to or embraces each other without any reservations. Kids play near the fountains, while the old sit down at tables so that they don’t need to move any more in the afternoon! At night, young people takes up the baton and the afterwork parties, opening events and karaoke go into full throttle.

True treat for the senses

Look up and you will marvel at the majestic Art Deco façades, ideal park design and the smile of the people. Your nose will lead you along the stall fronts and food trucks of the markets, or to the display shelves of the grocery stores open at all hours of the day and night. 

And as for your palate, it will no longer know which way to turn its taste buds: Saint-Gilles is a paradise for foodies and beer lovers, with an impressive number of bars, snack bars and uncategorisable restaurants. Here you will find the best beer and wine bars in the capital, and the most delicious small sharing platters. 

It is an ideal municipality in which to empty your mind, but also to fill it up: the cultural programme here is rich and varied, just like the district itself.

Saint-Gilles – the unmissable experiences:

  • Broaden your horizons at Jacques Franck cultural centre, the Maison Pelgrims or Pianofabriek (this is not an exhaustive list, of course).
  • Eat a cone of very nice fatty frites (the best!) at Barrière.
  • Try one of the 250 Belgian beers available at Moeder Lambic.
  • Fill your fridge with fresh local groceries from the Parvis market.
  • Relax after that at Place Van Meenen night market.
  • Go out for a drink and allow yourself to be carried right through to the end of the night by the demons of the Parvis.
  • Eat Greek, Lebanese, Moroccan, Portuguese or Italian on the go, in a nice spot on the corner of Place Bethléem.
  • Hang out on the steps at Place Morichar to the sound of skateboards clacking on the paved surfaces.

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