You're a dedicated European who likes to ride a one-wheeler and thunder through the Lacs du Connemara on Thursdays after midnight. Your ethos? Work hard, play hard. Well then, Etterbeek is perfect for you.

The beating heart of Europe

Located to the south-east of the city centre and with extremely good public transport available, Etterbeek lives at the pace of economic and political life, since it is the home of the European institutions. Result: a cosmopolitan population of expats and active young people from all over the continent.

Relaxation and business

Grab an coffee to go in the European quarter, slip in your AirPods and hey presto, you'll immediately feel like you're walking through Manhattan, only without the yellow taxis. On weekends, Eurocrats vanish from the streets and you can discover the other sides of the municipality.

Whilst some districts are ultra-modern, others have been able to retain their down-to-earth and friendly identity, such as Place Jourdan and the La Chasse quarter.

Official headquarters of the "afterworks"

However, Etterbeek’s veritable institution is the Place du Luxembourg, or the “Place du Lux” for those familiar with it, or even “Plux” for the lazy. Here the Thursday evening, “afterwork parties” are sacred. You know when they start, but never when they will end. All the bars are bustling and the restaurants in the surrounding area make it their job to line the stomachs of those waylaid.

Peaceful parks and local shops

Alongside this hundred mile an hour lifestyle, Etterbeek is also a pleasant place to live. The architecture of the houses and apartment buildings along the Avenue de Tervueren and Boulevard Saint-Michel are worth a visit in themselves!

But what truly attracts all eyes is the Parc du Cinquantenaire. Its calm ambiance, arches, fountain and countless lawns will welcome your backsides for some relaxing afternoons or a drink between friends. Its paths and huge open spaces are perfect for a morning jog, unless of course the Park is invaded by the public for one of the many events held there throughout the year. If you are looking for a quiet park, head to Parc Léopold or the Jardin Félix Hap.

Etterbeek also has a wealth of shops, bars, restaurants and cafés where you will be happy to sit yourself down to socialise or work remotely. Its main shopping area is located around Mérode, Rue des Tongres and Rue des Celtes, and near La Chasse. Whether you are looking for local brands or international fashion chains, you won’t need to go very far to find a bite to eat on the go or a place to go shopping.

Etterbeek – the unmissable experiences:

  • Fill up your tote bag with fresh groceries on Sunday morning at the extremely lively market on Place Jourdan.
  • Go to watch a play or concert at Atelier 210 or discover the rich programme of the Espace Senghor, Etterbeek's cultural centre.
  • Have one (or two, or maybe three) scoops of ice cream from Capoue and settle down in the Parc du Cinquantenaire before they melt.
  • Realise at the bus stop that the bus you want will not come because there is a European summit today!.
  • Take a dip in the magnificent L’Espadon municipal swimming pool.
  • Fill some time with your laptop in the Léopold Café Presse and try a delicious bagel (careful you don’t get crumbs on your keyboard).
  • Feast your eyes with a visit to the Maison Cauchie, one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau style facades in Brussels.
  • And last but not least: grab a cone of frites from Chez Antoine, on Place Jourdan. Be warned that during peak times, the little hut is the victim of its own success.

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