a developing municipality


Whether strolling along the lanes of Josaphat park, enjoying the streets lined with attractive bars or exploring the key places of cultural interest, there's always something to do in Schaerbeek!

On Fridays, head for the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais for a drink with friends or a spot of shopping.


Food and friends


First, if you get to live in Schaerbeek, you'll discover its wide offer of restaurants. From classic breweries to gourmet restaurants or authentic pizzerias, so many spots are worth their wile.

The Plasky and Dailli districts as well as the surroundings of Josaphat Park are in full development. There are now a multitude of trendy bars and restaurants, in which you can find a young and cosmopolitan clientele. Good addresses include "Chez Felix", the "1030 Café" or "Chez Marraine".

But the weekly meeting that can't be missed is the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais market! Every Friday afternoon, families and young actives gather there for a good meal or for a "nature" aperitif.

Finally, the northern districts of the municipality has a more popular and multicultural facet. It is home to some of the best snacks in Brussels. Wouldn't that be the ideal opportunity to discover what Brussels people call a "mitraillette" or "bicky burger" ?

But what in a name is a "mitraillette" ? It is a large piece of baguette garnished with sauce (lots of sauce!), meat of your choice, raw vegetables and french fries, preferably. You'll thereby discover the hundreds of varieties of sauces to be found in Brussels. Never heard of Samouraï sauce or Bicky sauce ? Well, the time has come to try them out!


Joshaphat Park


The Josaphat Park is one of Brussels' inhabitants favourite parks. Designed as English-style walks, it is the ideal place to relax during a Sunday walk or shoot the breeze on a sunny afternoon.

The park is furthermore a real open-air museum! Along the paths, you will discover magnificent busts and sculptures dedicated to various artists and writers.

In addition, you'll enjoy a wide array of activities organized there: musical, sporting, cultural or social events. In both summer and winter, it is an essential place in the municipality.


Living in Schaerbeek


Whatever the area of Schaerbeek you're located in, you will always enjoy living with people all ages. Schaerbeek has a very residential aspect which is why so many families like to live there. However, young actives will rather settle in the southern part of the municipality. The proximity with the center and the European institutions make it the perfect location.