Brussels Center: the world's most 

beautiful place according to V. Hugo


Brussels Center is home to many different neighbourhoods. The atmosphere varies from one street to another, thereby triggering one's curiosity.

Stroll along these streets and discover the Saint-Jacques district and its charming shops. Or the pedestrian of Anspach Boulevard. Further head to the famous Grand Place and feel the magic vibe. But don't miss out on the splendid Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert whose shopping arcades are the oldest in Europe.

After a thrilling day, get yourself a fresh Belgian pils in one of the many bars of the Place Saint-Géry.


Brussels Life


Brussels Center attracts many tourists for its famous landmarks such as Manneken Pis, that small little statue you've probably heard of. But the center of Brussels has more to offer than touristic sightseeing and beer.

Life in the center is dynamic, especially during the summer. At this time of the year, after works and open airs create a festive atmosphere.

In the winter, the cultural agenda will keep you busy. Brussels is definitely a cultural capital, which is maybe why so many artists and writers have come here to get some inspiration. Among the cultural offer, discover the Brussels Palace of fine Arts, the Mont des Arts, the Musée Magritte or the Music Instruments Museum.




The area of Saint-Géry, for instance, is famous for its party atmosphere while the Antoine Dansart is said to be the hype bobo district of the center. You'll find many designer shops there, making it the perfect place for fashion and furniture lovers.

In addition, Brussels has developed around its new pedestrian of Boulevard Anspach in recent years. While this area had long been unconsidered, it will soon become a 3000sqm area of relaxing green spaces.


The Marolles and its antique dealers


The Marolles district and its cobbled streets connect rue Haute to rue Blaes. It is the booming working-class district of Brussels. It offers a multitude of decoration shops, thrift stores, but also small trendy shops. Not to mention its famous flea market: a godsend for hunters! If you're a frequent visitor of the Marolles, then you're probably a real brusseleir.

Going towards the Sablon, you'll discover a "bobo" district with its many famous chocolate shops, traditional cafés and gourmet restaurants.