The city of Liège: 

dynamism and celebration


Liege is a young and dynamic city. It is famous for its partygoers who gather in the "Carré" every weekend, but it also has one of the most beautiful railway stations in Belgium. The Cité Ardente is further attractive because of the standard of living that it offers.


Calatrava and the Guillemins


In 2009 and after 9 years of hard work, Liège inaugurated its new railway station. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, it is considered one of the most beautiful stations in the world. Tourists are jostled in front of this magnificent structure, which has now become the most photographed monument in the city.

The station is located in the Guillemins district, which is undergoing a renewal and is attracting more and more residents.

The "Carré" Square

The "Carré" district of Liège is an all-time classic. This pedestrian area hosts multiple bars and restaurants. On the weekends, the area is crowded by students and young actives who enjoy 1€ draught beers.

A few blocks away, the terraces of the Cathedral Square rather attract young workers for a chilling aperitif. Enjoy sipping your cocktail under the few rays of sunshine, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

This district is also a major place for catering. From Rue du Pont d'Avroy to Rue Cathédrale, you will find a multitude of trendy restaurants and brasseries.




There is always something to do in Liège! Throughout the year, the city lives according to the rhythm of its many events.

The October fair, for example, which takes place… in October (well, yes!), boasts of being the largest fair in Belgium. It is also said to be the most beautiful one in Europe. Every year, hundreds of carnies build their rides, offer wine and beer tastings and introduce tourists to the lacquemants. The lacquemants are small wafers filled with a thin layer of Liège syrup, a speciality of the city that you'll have to try out!

The Liège Christmas Market is a must. It is the oldest and largest Christmas market in Belgium! Moreover, it has earned the Cité Ardente the title of "European Christmas Capital".

Finally, Among the popular events in Liège, there is also the "Gaulish Village". At the arrival of the sunny days, this event, which is part of the city's cultural heritage, attracts crowds for a few weeks. The Saint Paul's Square transforms itself into a true Gallic village, offering load of activities for young and old alike.


The Bueren Mountain


Looking for a romantic or sportive stroll? Head for the Bueren mountain and its 374 steps to climb. Once you reach the top of this staircase, you will enjoy an unobstructed view of the Cité Ardente. It is also the ideal opportunity to discover the city from another perspective.

In particular, during the "Nocture des Coteaux de la Citadelle". At nightfall and plunged into darkness, the inhabitants of Liege climb up the stairs towards the Citadel. The staircase is lit with candles, which creates an unforgettable memory.


Life and architecture


Among the most beautiful squares in Liège, Place Saint-Lambert stands out with its many shops, theatres and forum. It is obviously a more touristic place, just like the Perron, a magnificent fountain that can be found on the Market Square.

The Saint-Boniface district is further the ideal place to enjoy a soothing lifestyle. Located around the botanical garden and not far from the city centre, it attracts many young active people and families.

Finally, as a student, you may prefer to stay in the University district. This district extends from Rue de l'Université to Rue Saint-Gilles and has a great offer of shared homes and apartments.