Discover Etterbeek: 

Europe and eurocrats


In the heart of the Etterbeek district you will find an array of European institutions and the famous Cinquantenaire park.

Expats can socialise at afterwork meet-ups on Thursdays, while at the weekend the atmosphere is decidedly warm and family-oriented.


European institutions


Eurocrat? You will particularly appreciate the municipality for its proximity to the European institutions.Etterbeek is the commune of the "expats" par excellence. In the streets, Spanish, Italian, German and many other languages can be heard. Oh so charming!

But it is also the ideal place for young working people who settle in Brussels and who are looking for proximity to the city's popular districts.




Etterbeek offers a pleasant lifestyle. Due to its proximity to the European quarter, the town is very lively during the week. Especially on Thursday evenings, which is a sacred evening for young professionals and expats because of the famous "afterworks".

At that moment, you'll want head to the Place du Luxembourg (renamed as "Plux") for an aperitif with your colleagues, roommates and friends. Whether you're more into beer or wine, every bar on the square will have you covered!

And yet…. There's more to Etterbeek than simply hosting European institutions and afterworks. First, the town is known for the many pretty mansions that can be found in the street, as well as Art-Deco style houses.

The magnificent Parc du Cinquantenaire is also one of the capital's flagship parks. In summer, nothing beats going there to enjoy the few rays of sunshine. Many events are also organized: jazz festivals, medieval market, outdoor sports…


Living in Etterbeek


Do you want to discover Etterbeek's cosy environment and live there? Here is our choice of rooms with private bathrooms in the commune.