How does it work?

Reserving your favourite room is easy!


Create your IKOAB profile

Register on our site in a few clicks and discover our wide range of rooms.


Choose your bedroom

Your room search will be based on your availability, preferences or favourite area. If there aren't any bedrooms available at the time, we'll inform you of when rooms become available.


Secure your room

Found a room? Great! All you need to do is make your reservation: follow the steps and sign your contract online. Reservations are for a minimum duration of six months. The security deposit, in total, is equivalent to two months’ rent, without utility charges. To secure the booking, you need to do a bank transfer for the first month of the security deposit.


Moving in

Once you’ve made your payment, the only thing left to do is plan your moving-in day by visiting your user space. Your IKOAB room awaits your arrival!

Practical advice


Fully-equipped houses

In the kitchen you’ll find everything you need to prepare tasty meals. In the bedroom, a pair of sheets, a duvet and pillows are provided to ensure your comfort at night. Each house is also furnished with a washing machine and a clothes dryer.


Your user guide, a mine of information to help you begin the adventure!

In order to discover the neighbourhood and understand how the house is run, you’ll find a welcome guide in your user space. This guide lists the best places to go in the area and reminds you of some of the principles of co-living, for a positive experience within the IKOAB community.