living in the smallest Brussels 



Although small in size, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode is distinguished by its diversity. From one street to

another, different aspects can be observed. The municipality combines business and popular 

districts, mansions and office buildings, businessmen and small traders. It also includes the site 

of the former Botanical Gardens and its neoclassical greenhouses.


Characteristics of Saint-Josse


The main feature of the municipality is its business district, which includes the offices of large 

companies. It is therefore mainly a business environment but by venturing into the streets of the 

town, we also discover a totally different facet. A more popular aspect appears with Italian, 

Turkish, Indian, Moroccan and other restaurants as well as small shops open 7/7.




Saint-Josse is easily accessible to and from all the city's points of interest. The city centre is a 

few minutes walk away, while the European district is a metro station away. In fact, it is an ideal 

location for those who want to move easily and avoid long hours of travel.


All metro lines pass through Saint-Josse as well as important tram lines that lead north and 

down the city. In addition, many bus lines connect the area to other municipalities and districts

in Brussels. The closest railway station is Bruxelles-Nord.


Living in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode


Our houses are located in safe and well-serviced areas, for instance Botanique and Ambiorix, 

which are among the trendiest areas of the city.